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Istanbul Tour 4 – Daily City Tour for Groups

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Istanbul Tour 4 – Daily City Tour for Groups

Shore Excursions of Istanbul for Groups

When you have a group to visit Istanbul city, one of the best choice is arranging a private vehicle, a professional guide, and a driver. This will ensure not only comfort, safety, self organization opportunity during your tour, also decrease the expenses.

A private vehicle is the perfect solution for passengers who wish to tour privately or who want the flexibility of designing their own itinerary.

These Istanbul group tours are ordered per vehicle. You just pay for the vehicle, professional guide and driver which also includes all local taxes and insurances, transfers and parking fees. Other expenses like Topkapi Palace, The Hagia Sophia, museum entrance fees, meal will be paid by your group at the gates in cash or by credit card to the gate control.

Vehicles are offered on a Half Day or Full Day basis:

  • Half Day: 4 – 5 hours
  • Full Day : 10 – 11 hours

Please note that visiting more than one site often requires a full day.

Prices for Istanbul:
Tour Type 1 – 4 Pax 5 – 14 Pax 15 – 31 Pax 32 – 46 Pax
Half Day Tour 280 US$ 360 US$ 450 US$ 540 US$
Full Day Tour 340 US$ 410 US$ 590 US$ 650 US$
  • Shown prices are per vehicle.
  • Vehicles are non-smoking, air-conditioned and are provided with drivers and professional licensed tour guides in preferred languages.
  • Drivers’ language skills vary; they can not act as guides.
Departure dates:
  • This tour is available all year round and can be customized upon your request. Every day, any time departure.
Places to see:
  • Santa Sophia: (Turkish: Ayasofya) is a former patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. Famous in particular for its massive dome, it is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and to have “changed the history of architecture. It was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years, until the completion of the Seville Cathedral in 1520. The current building was originally constructed as a church between 532 and 537 A.D. on the orders of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, and was in fact the third Church of the Holy Wisdom to occupy the site (the previous two had both been destroyed by riots). It was designed by two architects, Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles. The Church contained a large collection of holy relics and featured, among other things, a 15m (49 foot) silver iconostasis. It was the patriarchal church of the Patriarch of Constantinople and the religious focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church for nearly one thousand years.
  • Topkapi Palace: The Topkapi Palace usually spelled “Topkapi” in English , which was the official and primary residence in the city of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years of their 600-year reign from 1465 to 1853. including the Topkapi Diamond. The Harem, home of the sultan and his primary living quarters, offers exceptional insight into the sultans’ lifestyles.
  • Blue Mosque: The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Turkish: Sultanahmet Camii) is the national mosque of Turkey, and is a historical mosque in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey and the capital of the Ottoman Empire (from 1453 to 1923). The mosque is one of several mosques known as the Blue Mosque for more than 20,000 blue Iznik tiles. adorning the walls of its interior.
  • Hippodrome: The Hippodrome of Constantinople (Turkish: Sultanahmet Meydani and At Meydani) was a circus that was the sporting and social centre of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire and the largest city in Europe. Today it is a square named Sultanahmet Meydani (Sultan Ahmet Square) in the Turkish city of Istanbul, with only a few fragments of the original structure surviving. It is sometimes also called AtMeydani (Horse Square) in Turkish
  • Grand Bazaar: The Grand Bazaar (Turkish: Kapalicarsi, meaning Covered Bazaar) in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with more than 58 covered streets and over 1,200 shops which attract between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily. Opened in 1461, it is well known for its jewelry, pottery, spice, and carpet shops.
  • Note: Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesday’s, Grand Bazaar is closed on Sunday’s
What is included:
  • All local taxes and insurances.
  • Pick-up from cruise ship / hotel and drop off services.
  • All transportations and transfers with non-smoking, A/C deluxe vehicle.
  • Professional Licensed Istanbul tour guide in preferred language.
  • No hidden or extra cost.
What is excluded:
  • Meals, gratuities and refreshments.
  • Entrance fees (Can be paid in cash or credit card).
  • Tips to the guide and driver.
Additional notes:
  • This is a PRIVATE tour arrangement, you can decide starting time of your own tour!
  • Comfortable walking shoes and clothing, a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent are recommended.
  • Vehicles are non-smoking, air-conditioned and are provided with drivers and professional licensed tour guides in preferred languages. Drivers language skills vary; they can not act as guides.
Please note that:

We provide both Ephesus and Istanbul tours to our guests. It is easy to add an Ephesus tour to your Istanbul tour booking. Whether traveling on a cruise ship which is scheduled to embark to both Kusadasi port and Istanbul port or traveling alone, there are definitely benefits to you. Such as:

  • Special price discount.
  • You get all the necessary information and electronic tickets from one place.
  • All necessary scheduling, bookings (airline tickets..) done by us.

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