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Greece holidays
Greece holidays
Greeting someone in Athens

Punctuality is considered very important. Shaking hands is the standard international business greeting.

Tipping advice

Service charge is 15 percent in Greece and is usually incorporated in bills. However, it is customary to leave a tip of up to 10 percent for waiters. Others, such as porters, should be tipped in proportion to the level of services rendered. Tip doormen and concierges between 2 -3 €.

Athens dress code

In summer, due to the heat and the Greek's relaxed attitudes towards formality, dress code is informal and casual dress is acceptable except at official gatherings.

Electric Current

The standard in Greece is 220V AC (50Hz). If you are bringing your own equipment please remember to bring the Converters or Transformer you will need. Electric devices that are designed for use with 110V systems require Greek 220V current to be 'stepped-down.' The choice between a converter or a transformer depends on several things.

* First, is your device an electric appliance with a high power heating element or mechanical motor such as a hair dryer or iron? If you are using an electric appliance, you need a converter. Or is your device electronic, using electronic chips or circuits, such as a computer, printer or VCR? If you are using an electronic device, you need a transformer. When in doubt about the type of device, use a transformer. Both electric appliances and electronic devices work with a transformer, but only electric appliances work with a converter.

* Second, is your use continuous and long-term or is it sporadic and short term? Transformers are designed for long term, continuous use. Converters are designed to operate for only an hour or two at a time.


Greek time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, an hour ahead of Central European Time and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


Getting prepaid phone cards is the cheapest way to make intercity or international calls. Local and international calls can be made from a public card phone using these prepaid calling cards or from kiosks (periptera) equipped with meters. Prepaid calling cards can be purchased from kiosks and OTE offices. Tip: Use Vivodi Telecom Prepaid Calling Card as the cheapest way.

Mobile Phones

In Greece you can use all GSM mobile phones (system used in Europe and a few other countries) but, US cell phones do not work in Greece. If you bring your own mobile phone with you, when you first switch it on in Greece, you will be prompted to which mobile phone provider to use. We recommend you to choose the one recommended by your home mobile phone service provider. Certain companies provide a fixed charge per minute when "roaming" outside the country your phone service is from. Where this does not apply, you will pay fairly high rates for outgoing calls. Incoming calls are expensive, because you pay for the international part of the call (from your country, where your phone service is provided, to you, in Greece).

Tip: Check on rates and services with your phone service provider, before your travel.

Internet and E-mails

When traveling in Greece, you want to have a look at your e-mails, or at your favorite news site using your Notebook, but don't have an Internet Connection or your provider does not offer roaming in Greece.
Easiest way to "connect" your own notebook in Greece and on all your travels worldwide, is to set up an account with Net Roamer. They give you an ISP account that you can use worldwide without changing settings on your laptop. You can also use internet cafes which are easily found on almost every street.

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