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CAIQUE TOUR - AEGEAN COCKTAIL   ( 7 nights, 8 days )
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DAY 1 Friday- Embarkation & Pireaus to Kythnos
Departure from Piraeus and sail to Kythnos. Welcome drink on board. “Formal” Dinner is served on board.. Enjoy your first dinner with lounge music and customize with your co-guests. Also, get your first experience with the Greek cuisine. In the night, arrival in Kythnos, the hospitable island. It really makes you feel welcome Kythnos or Thermia is the first island of the coastal line of West Cyclades. With numerous beaches, Cycladic scenery and the unique hospitality of the locals. Enjoy an evening at Kythnos' pubs and local fish taverns.
DAY 2 Saturday - Kythnos to Paros
Departure from Kythnos early in the morning. Breakfast on board. Arrival at Paros is estimated at approx. 12h00. The first thing you notice when you arrive in Paros is a blue transparent sky floating inside dazzling white sunlight. That light along with the white Cycladic houses built next to the deep blue Aegean Sea form a fine example of the characteristic fascination we find at the Aegean islands. Lunch on board. Optional excursion or free time for swimming.
DAY 3 Sunday - Paros to Santorini
Early departure from from Paros. Breakfast on board. Arrival at Santorini is estimated at approx. 12h00. Santorini is one of the most famous Aegean islands.. The reason is simple: stunning and simply breathtaking views. The “Caldera” is something unique, and Santorini happens to have the longest Caldera in the world. Created by the volcanic eruption back in biblical times, today it leaves you in total awe. Its volcanic sheer cliffs topped with gleaming white houses and churches, are the trademark of the island. Lunch on board. Optional excursion.
In the evening, party with theme on board: try to have fun. Live the experience of masquerade parties. The theme of the party will be announced one day before.
DAY 4 Monday - Santorini to Naxos
Departure from Santorini and sail to Naxos. Breakfast on board. Free time for swimming. Greece is well known by its' national drink. The best time for ouzo is after a nice swimming. Lunch on board. Arrival at Naxos is estimated at 14h00.. The island where tradition is harmonically combined with present. An island for everyone. For families, beach lovers, teens, honeymooners, for you. Life in Naxos can be simple. It can entertain you. It can be relaxing. It is unique. Naxos Island has long history which includes the Venetian occupation, Byzantine period, Hellenistic period, Archaic period and goes back to Neolithic period. Naxos has history and culture. Churches with Byzantine frescoes, ruins of Neolithic settlements, ancient temples, Frank castles, Venetian castles, palaces, archaeological museums, and folklore museums marked with the stamp of past glories.
DAY 5 Tuesday - Naxos to Mykonos
Departure from Naxos and sail to Mykonos. Breakfast on board. Free time for swimming. Smoothies' Party. Relax under the sun. Lunch on board. Arrival at Mykonos. Welcome to the island of windmills and endless nightlife. This is considered the jet-set island. It is extremely popular with the young Athenians who invade it every week-end in huge numbers. It has gained a wrong reputation for being a “gay” island. In fact Mykonos is the most laid-back place on earth. Heterosexual or homosexual doesn’t matter, you are free to be whatever you want to be and no-one will bother you.
DAY 6 Wednesday - Mykonos to Syros
Departure from Mykonos at approx. 08:00 hrs. Breakfast on board. Optional excursion at Delos. Light lunch while sailing. Arrival at Syros is scheduled at around 14h00 Syros is the capital of the Cycladic islands. Once a very rich merchant island, it managed through the ages to maintain its power base. Today it still has one of the most beautiful traditional town squares, which is depicting the past wealth and still it shows today. The island is responsible for the other Cycladic islands administration ranging from car registration to land development. Syros also has an important ship repair facility, which is right next to you as you arrive in the port; it is interesting and even exciting to see these large ships being repaired, repainted and launched back to the ocean. Captain’s Dinner: the last dinner on board, accompanied by the captain. After dinner enjoy Greek dances.
DAY 7 Thursday - Syros to Pireaus
Departure from Syros and sail to Piraeus. Breakfast on board. Stop at Sounion. The sanctuary at Sounion is one of the most important sanctuaries in Attica. Sporadic finds point to the conclusion that the site was inhabited in the prehistoric period but there is no evidence of religious practice in such an early date. "Sounion Hiron" (sanctuary of Sounion) is first mentioned in the Odyssey, as the place where Menelaos stopped during his return from Troy to bury his helmsman, Phrontes Onetorides. The finds of the 7th century B.C. are numerous and prove the existence of organized cult on two points of the promontory: at the southern edge where the temenos of Poseidon was situated, and about 500 m. to the NE of it, where the sanctuary of Athena was established. Swimming possibility for 1 hr. Lunch on board. Farewell Party. After 7 days cruise, it is time for the farewell party, to celebrate and share the memories that will remain unforgettable. Late afternoon, departure from Sounio and arrival to Piraeus Piraeus was known in medieval times as Porto Leone, a name due to the enormous stone lion, which guarded the port's entrance. So, its life had been joined to the sea since its creation. Piraeus is not only a harbor. This city is full of surprises and unexpected sights worth to explore.
DAY 8 Disembarkation at Pireaus
Disembarkation after breakfast at 09:00. End of our sevice.
Departure dates

Every Friday from 01 April till 31 October.

Prices for 2014 - 2015
Cabin Category
D1 Double bed (on lower deck) Please ask!
D2 Double bed (on main deck) Please ask!
S1 Cabin used as single (on lower deck) Please ask!
S2 Cabin used as single (on main deck) Please ask!
T   Twin beds (on main deck) Please ask!
Children reduction
0-2 years old   : free
2-8 years old   : 50% reduction on the per person rates*
9-12 years old : 25% reduction on the per person rates*

* add the full embarkation tax

• American breakfast on board; lunch or dinner as mentioned in the
• Crew services, harbour fees, fuel, water for shower
• 7 nights accommodation in chosen cabin
• Welcome cocktail & Captain's dinner
• English speaking tour leader
• All running costs of the boat
• Port taxes included
• V.A.T included
• No hidden cost

• Optional excursions (in Paros, Santorini, Delos, Tinos)
• Drinks on board
• Gratuities for the crew

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